A part of the Augmented Reality and Architecture Project by Adam Tomkins

A repository of Free City Meshes, and resources required to start building your own.

Bring a City to life

In only a few minuites, you can build your own Meshes of anywhere in the world, or browse our growing selection,
and make amazing Augmented Reality Projects. To find a full list of the current meshes, and all their data, check out the [Github]( page.

Sheffield St. Georges Church

Welcome to City Mesh, a spin-off project (Read: Distraction) from the Augmented Reality for Architecture project. Struck by a need to implant real world meshes into a simple AR demo, I discoved how to easily build meshes from Open Data.

And so, this project was born. It doesn't aim to be an exhaustive set of cities, more a guide to show anyone how to use this themselves in their own projects. However this is entirely open and Pull requests with new meshes are welcome!